I'm Meredith Fedorovsky, a freelance illustrator living in New England. I create playful and uplifting female-focused work with an optimistic bent that is both homely and full of warmth in equal measure. My inspiration comes from my love of nature, animals, and anatomy—fun fact: I'm a trained medical illustrator. I work primarily digitally, using textured brushes for a more traditional feel.

Some of my clients include the University of Southern California, New England Journal of Medicine, Whitehead Institute, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

When I'm not working, you can find me thinking up ways to escape the city and cuddling with my fluffy pup, Clementine. 


New business inquiries (as well as questions, photos of your dog, suggested New England area hikes) can be sent to:




There are many people who can draw. There are many people who can paint a portrait. It is that rare artist, through, who can somehow see into the soul of a subject and capture its essential light. I believe that Meredith Leffler is one of those gifted few artists.
Several years ago, I had written a children's story that was near to my heart. I wanted to have it illustrated, but I wasn't able to clearly communicate the images behind the story. Somehow, in spite of my confused thoughts, Meredith managed to see into my mind...to the beating heart of the story...and produced images that went beyond what I had ever hoped possible. The words in my mind had somehow come to life through her brush.
Meredith is truly gifted. Not only does she possess amazing technical skills, but she also has that rare talent that can't be taught. She has that ability to see the beauty in a subject, and communicate its essence and light through her art.
- Victoria MaLossi-Perry

Excellent! Superb! Professional! Meredith Leffler has a wonderful eye that can take a mere photograph and capture the true beauty of the individuals. Meredith has created two amazing works of art for me. One was of my grandparents, who she has never met. She studied a 5"x7" photo and created a stunning watercolor. My grandmother adores it! The second was a sketch of George Strait. By only looking at a photo from the internet, Meredith was able to sketch great details. She is a truly gifted artist! I will absolutely ask her again to create a masterpiece!
- Nola Dwyer

Meredith is a joy to work with. I had a project that would make the average designer cringe, but she not only accepted the challenge, she truned it into gold. She has the two things I respect most about designers: resourcefulness and a deft grasp of aesthetic nuance. I know I can count on Meredith to deliver quality every time.
- Charles T. James

The town of Hoosick, NY thought of a money making venture called Hoosick Rocks. Businesses and groups could purchase a rocking chair from the town and then have it decorated to reflect the business, group, or the town of Hoosick. Cheney Library purchased one of the rockers, and I thought of Meredith Leffler. At the time, she was in school, and I had seen her artwork, and I knew she would do a great job for us. And Meredith did a superlative job of representing the library by using book themes on the rocking chair. The chairs were auctioned off, and the Cheney Library rocker brought in a lot of money for the town.
- Carol Gaillard, Director of Cheney Library

I enjoyed working with Meredith regarding our logo for the Albany Vegetarian Network, Inc. organization. Her talent was readily apparent and she provided a wonderful logo that encapsulated our mission beautifully. The entire process was excellent from start to finish.
- Jan Lajeunesse, Co-founder of Albany Vegetarian Network, Inc.